Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Social entrepreneurs get their own forums

Internet savvy entrepreneurs have plenty of options when it comes to business forums - not least UK Business Forums which I look after. Thousands of social entrepreneurs are among those that utilise these networks to interact and promote their products and services but there's never been a forum dedicated specifically to businesses driven by social aims rather than profit. Until now that is.

Third Sector Forums launched on 20 November, Social Enterprise Day. I'd heard about the forums ahead of the launch after reading founder Ross McCulloch's posts on UK Business Forums so I was quick to sign up. I'm not alone. Less than a week since it went live the site has attracted 42 members and what's more the registrations have resulted solely from word-of-mouth rather than formal marketing efforts.

Some interesting discussions have already taken place - Is this the end of chuggers? and the value of Facebook for the third sector among them.

Despite the site being in its infancy, the popularity of TSF shows there's a need for such a network. It's important for us with a interest in the third sector to unite to demonstrate to those who don't already know the value of working with us and the huge benefits we can bring to the UK economy.

If you're involved in some way in charities, social enterprises or volunteering I urge you to get involved. Not only are forums great for interacting and sharing ideas with people on the same wavelength but Google loves them so get that link in your signature and start promoting all the great work you're doing. I look forward to seeing you there!


Grumpy said...

Social enterprise is quite "vogue" at present (although I think it has long ago moved beyond being a fad or a trend). I hope the forums will prosper - as you say, some really good discussions already, and thats just in the first week!

Dan Martin said...

I agree that social enterprise certainly isn't a fad. It's becoming more and more mainstream by the day but we still need to do a lot more work to convince the doubters that it is a highly effective way to do business. The forums will do much to help that.

Rachel said...

Here are two other useful online communities for nonprofit professionals, where you can connect and share knowledge: